Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America! (And fun times on the C Line)

I was slightly worried that I'd have no plans this Fourth of July, seeing as I've been on my own in the city for all of five days, which is a little bit of a stretch to meet someone willing to invite you to their shindig.

Well, turns out I'm just a lucky chick. At my company's n00b orientation, I met another college grad who very kindly invited me out to his family's place on the Sound. Seeing as my only other option was to go to a party that I saw an invite for on Reddit, I decided to take him up on the invite, figuring that going to a random place I've never been before with someone I've seen before is much better than going to a random place I've never been with people I've only read about on the Internet.

So to get over to the Sound from where I live, I have to take a bus wayyyyyy south and then take a ferry over. All in all the trip time was just under 2 hours - this is an important fact for later in my story, so tuck it away in your mind Rolodex.

Anyways, I met up with my friend at the ferry terminal, and we went across the Sound - the first time I've been on a commuter ferry - I couldn't imagine doing that as a commuter every day. Once we got to the house, I met all of his extended family, which was really awkward to do for someone you just met 2 days ago. But, luckily for me, everyone was super nice and personable. This isn't really the entertaining part of the story, but I'm kind of super proud that I'm doing things that are way the hell out of my comfort zone.

We then went out on the Sound in kayaks, which I've also never done. Somehow that was far less frightening than meeting random people. It was actually pretty easy to pick up (really, I feel like you can't mess up paddling that badly), and we went all the way out to Blake Island. It was probably close to a mile out to the island and my upper body is in pain today - but it was totally worth it!

So after we were done kayaking, it was time for the cookout and fireworks, because this is America and America is all about food and lighting things on fire. And, man, I was not prepared for the fireworks. Back in North Carolina, pretty much anything that launches off the ground is illegal and if you want it you have to go all the way to South Carolina to get it. Well, I don't know if it's illegal here, or just easier to get, but everyone on the shore was launching these giant mortars into the air. Once it got towards dusk, every direction you looked there was exploding color in the sky.

Oh, and the sunset looked like this:
Yeah. It was pretty glorious. I can't get over how beautiful this area looks all the time.

Sunset here is also close to 10pm, so in order for us to stick around to help launch the finale of 6 mortars at once, we had to take the 11:05 ferry back. Remember that 2 hour trip length? Yep, that means we'd be riding back on the bus after midnight, which is always an interesting prospect.

So we sit down on the bus and begin idle chatter when this slightly disoriented woman asks us if we were still in West Seattle. We responded yes, and the conversation then... got interesting.

"You know, can I tell you guys something? You guys are like, Couple of the Year. You look so good together." She then turned to my male friend and stated, "She is such a catch. You better propose to her." This was greeted by plentiful nervous laughter from us, and the woman went on, "But, you know, she's probably too smart for that. You're going to have to catch her in a moment of weakness - but I don't mean that kind of moment of weakness."

After that statement my nervous laughter turned into actual laughter and then the woman turned around to adjust what apparently was some sort of lingerie under the jacket she was wearing. She eventually turned around and asked us how old we were. We responded and she said, "Oh, wow you guys are so young! I thought you were older... not because of how you look, but because you look so mature together." She then began to discuss our wedding and how exactly he should propose to me. Luckily, after that, she began to tell us about her family and I was spared talking about the details of marrying a guy I had known for less than 72 hours.

But, hey, at least I was called smart and mature, right? And talking to her was a lot more comfortable than watching the crack/meth/bath salts addict twitch awkwardly and then repeatedly try and yank the bus doors open three blocks before his actual stop.

Is public transit always that interesting?

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