Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh, mornings...

So today was kind of a mess of a morning.

There really wasn't a good reason why I was so out of it. I actually set my alarm earlier than the first day on the job, as today I was not promised bagels to start off the morning.

Everything was going really well - makeup went on at a decent pace, I wasn't rushing to throw together a crappy PB&J like I was the day before. Then I had to get everything into my bag.

The bag my company gave me is a laptop backpack. It's pretty nice, with padded straps and a padded back, not too heavy. It's kind of strange, though, because it doesn't have a laptop pouch, just a removable laptop sleeve. The oddest part is this little flap down zipper pouch that's attached by a buckle. Actually, why the heck am I describing this? Here it is, go look at it. The design is super weird. Why is that pocket connected by a buckle? There's nothing that can be buckled in?

Anyways, I had to figure out how to shove my lunch in. The sandwich ended up going in one of the side pockets and the Cheez-its in the other. There's no water bottle pocket, so I ended up shoving that behind the CD sleeve in the main pocket. Yeah, I didn't like putting liquid by the laptop. but what are you going to do?

So I then leave my apartment and shove the keys in that weird buckle pocket. Even with the bag rearranging, I left right on time.

Then, about two blocks away, I realized... I didn't put my phone & wallet anywhere in this stupid bag.

So I quickly walk back to my building, up the staircase, put the key in the lock. And the stupid key isn't working. It goes in the lock fine, but isn't turning at all. I've had slight trouble fitting the key in before, so I just kept trying and retrying to turn the stupid key.

Then I looked up.

It wasn't my apartment.

Yes, I essentially tried to break into someone else's apartment this morning. I can only hope they didn't hear me fumbling at the lock. My excuse is that I took a different staircase up than I did going down, so I thought I was at my apartment... yeah, that's all I got.

Oh, and then I realized I walked the mile to work with the main portion of the bag unzipped. Yep. The only positive is that it wasn't raining.

Needless to say, I'm using a different bag tomorrow.

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